Mamma Mia

In Merchandise, POS, Yesterday
Client: Creative Partnership
Project: Mamma Mia
Year: 2008


Large scale, 3m high, foyer display for Mamma Mia! film release – fitted with an infrared motion sensor that played 30 secs of Mamma Mia! when walking past the display. The audio element and sheer size of the unit really brought the display to life.

It was delivered to 63 countries worldwide, over 2000 units produced, 11 language versions, 33 individual parts, 11 printed 4 colour litho laminated sheets and 2 additional 4 colour litho laminated sheets with language variants, making a grand total of 65 printing plates to make! The unit folded down to a transit size of 1400mm x 1550mm x 190mm for ease of road and airfreight shipping.

Due to the success of this POS, a second standee, measuring 2m x 3m, was put into production.